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Dr. Michelle Morrison

My name is Dr. Michelle Morrison but my clients call me Dr. MiMi. I am a 15 year licensed veterinarian working in Arizona for over 11 years. I love the practice of veterinary medicine and all that entails. I worked as a veterinarian at over 40 hospitals alongside 100 different veterinarians. During this experience, I observed euthanasia’s in a clinical environment and wanted to improve on the quality of the experience by providing this service at home. There is “no place like home” for pet euthanasia…for the most gentle and patient treatment for your pet in a relaxed and loving environment. I believe I have been called to offer this service to the people and pets of Arizona. I have been able to blend my spiritual and loving nature toward animals and people into the perfect, purposeful service for me in my profession.

The reason I continue this work is because I have the opportunity to witness love in its greatest form between pet owners and their perfect love for their pet. I attended Michigan State University undergraduate, then transferred to Stephens College where I learned from their Equestrian Program all aspects of riding and management of the Equine Species. The University of Tennessee was my choice of Veterinary Schools. In 1995 I received my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. I am a traditional veterinarian with a broad scope of healing modalities. I have been a Certified Veterinary Chiropractioner (CVCP) for over 5 years. I practice Homotoxicology (Homeopathy) and herbal medicine (Chinese, Western and Herbs from India).

My ultimate goal as a healing veterinarian is to provide wellness and alternative care for animals to help prolong and enhance their quality of life. You can learn more at I am a strong animal rights advocate for the African Elephants, Japanese Dolphins and Blue Whales and a portion of my profits go to help these causes. I also work directly with animal control and rescue pets that would otherwise be euthanized due to needing extensive medical attention. I care for and then find loving homes for these precious dogs and cats.


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Jennifer Kachnic is the President of The Grey Muzzle Organization. She owns Canine Wellness, LLC in Colorado and is the author of the award winning book Your Dog's Golden Years.