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Tips to make the best of your next vet appointment

A few tips to make that appointment more productive are listed below:

Make sure to have plenty of time during the visit – arrive a few minutes early to fill out any paperwork, and ask for at least a 30-minute appointment – longer if there are multiple issues.

Write down any questions or concerns you might have, as it makes for a more efficient visit but also prevents you from forgetting to ask anything.

Bring all of your medication bottles, and current dosing information.

If you are new to this particular practice or have not met the veterinarian before, consider making an appointment for a ‘meet and greet’. This allows you to interview the veterinarian to see if you both have similar philosophies.

Now, go out there and enjoy your seniors! You know they are waiting for you – on the couch of course….

Excerpt from the book Your Dog’s Golden Years  

Written by

Jennifer Kachnic is the President of The Grey Muzzle Organization. She owns Canine Wellness, LLC in Colorado and is the author of the award winning book Your Dog's Golden Years.

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