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Human Medicines for your dog

Below are a few human medicines that can also help you dogs.

Please talk to your vet first!


Dogs and Human Meds

Benadryl – This helps to treat your dog’s allergies and itching. 1/2 mg per pound of dog every 8 hours.

Buffered Aspirin – Helps with minor pain relief and inflamation. – 5 mg per every pound of dog every 12 hours.

Dramamine – This reduces motion sickness in dogs as well. If your dog hates riding in the care, this might be the problem. 12.5 to 50 mg every 8 hours. Confirm with your vet.

Hydrogen peroxide 3% – To induce vomiting in your dog if he ingested something toxic. 10 ml by mouth every 15 minutes (not to exceed 3 times and call your vet!)

Kaopectate – relieves diarrhea – 1 ml per pound every 2 hours. If no relief, call your veterinarian.

Pepto Bismol – Helps with diarrhea, upset stomach and gas. 1 tsp per 20 pounds of dog every 6 hours. Again, no relief, call your veterinarian.

Mineral Oil – Relieves constipation up to 4 tbsp daily. Also, canned pumpkin is great for minor digestive problems in dogs. Just add to their food.

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Jennifer Kachnic is the President of The Grey Muzzle Organization. She owns Canine Wellness, LLC in Colorado and is the author of the award winning book Your Dog's Golden Years.

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