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Your Dog’s Golden Years Book

A Manual for Senior Dog Care  

Including Natural Remedies and Complementary Options

#1 senior dog book on!      

Proceeds benefit The Grey Muzzle Organization

Senior Dog Care - Your Dog's Golden Years Book


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Hear from 20 canine professionals!

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 In this book, twenty canine professionals from around the country will pass on the information you will need to make these years the best of your senior dog’s life. 

Each canine expert has written a chapter on their particular expertise including natural remedies and complementary therapies.

No other book on dog care contains the accumulated knowledge and experience of this group who dedicate their lives to the betterment of senior dogs and their care.

Recognize the signs your senior dog needs help.

For instance – Is Your Senior Dog in Pain?  Maybe. Maybe not. At some time, every dog owner recognizes that his faithful and beloved companion is getting old. 

Questions begin to surface, including: 

  • How can I assess the quality of life my dog is experiencing?
  • What alternative or complementary treatments might be best
    for my dog as he ages?
  • What are the exact laboratory tests I should have my
    veterinarian do, and how often?
  • Should I consider hospice care for my dog?
  • How can I deal with the “anticipatory grief” I feel when I
    know my dog is dying? 

 “What a wonderful book. I am so grateful to all the authors for sharing their expertise with me. The book is helpful, well organized, easy to read and an important resource for me. This book has helped me to understand so much more about the aging process that our two 11 year old Aussie siblings are going through and how I can help them be happier, healthier and more comfortable in their senior years. ” L. Dickson 

Jennifer Kachnic

Jennifer Kachnic, President of The Grey Muzzle Organization, has assembled 20 canine professionals to assist in your quest …delivering an array of possibilities to make your dog more comfortable, and yes happy, in his senior years.

 Meet  all the Authors Here



This Book Just $10.00   

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“I purchased this book because I needed something that covered senior dog care for my two aging terriers. Each chapter is written by a different expert in their field and they give additional resources and recommended reading for each topic at the end of each chapter. It’s covers everything you need to know in one book and tells you where to look if you need more info. It is very helpful when you have hard decisions to make about your pet. I received it quickly and have recommended this book to all of my dog owning friends.”  Tom Ben – Review



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USA Best Book Awards Winner -

2012 Winner of USA Best Books Award